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Here at Knowable Magazine, we believe that scientific knowledge should be accessible to all. As part of that mission, we welcome the republication of our content under the following guidelines.

The easiest way to republish a Knowable Magazine article is by using the HTML republishing tool available beneath the byline and at the bottom of every article.

Article text and graphics created by Knowable Magazine are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 license (CC BY-ND). Photographs, illustrations and other art used within articles are not covered by this license, and it is the responsibility of the republisher to arrange permission to use these images.

Please notify [email protected] when an article is republished, and provide an accessible link and/or PDF of the republication.

How our content may be used: 

  • Our content may only be used editorially. No commercial or promotional use is allowed.
  • Pick stories to republish individually that will resonate with your audience — do not republish our material automatically or wholesale on your site.
  • It is OK to publish our materials on pages with advertisements, but not to sell ads specifically to align with our articles.
  • We do not allow the use of our material on websites designed only to improve rankings on search engines or solely to attract revenue from network-based ads.

All republished articles must include: 

  • The author and Knowable Magazine in the byline. If your content management system does not allow you to do this, include at the top of the story: “This story was originally published by Knowable Magazine.”
  • The following language inserted at the end of the article: “This article originally appeared in Knowable Magazine, a nonprofit publication dedicated to making scientific knowledge accessible to all. Sign up for Knowable Magazine’s newsletter.”
  • The Knowable Magazine logo and a link back to our home page or the original article: Contact [email protected] to receive the logo.
  • Each individual article has a small snippet of code (available when picking up the HTML via the republishing tool) that contains SEO information; if your CMS allows, please include this in the HTML of the republished article.


  • Material cannot be edited except to reflect relative changes in time, location, or editorial style (e.g., changing “yesterday” to “last month”, adding Oxford commas).
  • Headlines may be altered with the prior approval of Knowable Magazine.
  • Preserve all hyperlinks in article text when republishing online.
  • Excerpts from Knowable Magazine articles must remain intact, preserve the full meaning and context of the work, and clearly direct readers to the original full-length article on our website.

The following will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, subject entirely to Knowable Magazine’s discretion:

  • Substantial edits in order to accommodate print limitations
  • Requests to translate Knowable Magazine articles into non-English languages

Other requirements: 

  • Your site must include a visible and reliable method for contacting you.
  • In order to understand the reach and impact of our content beyond our own website, we do request pageview data for the republished articles.
  • If you republish to a gated or subscription-only platform, Knowable Magazine must be provided access to the republished article.

Contact us for:

  • Knowable Magazine logo to include at the end of the republished article (see above)
  • Information regarding rights and permissions for third-party art used in the articles
  • High resolution versions of original graphics created by Knowable Magazine
  • Free HTML access to related reviews in the Annual Review journals for readers referred through the republished Knowable Magazine article.

Contact email: [email protected]

These guidelines were updated on October 27, 2020.

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