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Free resources for science teachers

Why use Knowable Magazine in the classroom

  • Written in accessible language: Knowable Magazine uses plain English (and, in some cases, Spanish) to explain complex concepts and make expert knowledge accessible to all
  • Covers a broad swath of scientific knowledge: Instead of focusing on the latest new paper, Knowable Magazine explores the scientific literature to probe what is truly known and unknown about a given topic
  • Explains how experiments were conducted: Our well-reported and fact-checked articles help students learn about scientific discoveries, the process of science, and how scientists reach and validate their conclusions
  • Provides an entry point to the scientific literature: All stories in Knowable Magazine link to freely available articles in the Annual Reviews journals, which provide technical, expert-written overviews of the academic literature for advanced and motivated students
  • Available for free: All content is available under a Creative Commons license, so there are no paywalls and no subscription fees

Just for educators:
Science Graphics Library

From the anatomy of a black hole to the inner workings of a cell, help your students “see” science with our beautifully designed and meticulously reported illustrations, charts, diagrams and other visuals.

Graphics are available under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-ND) for individual classroom use. If you are interested in reusing a Knowable Magazine graphic in any other form, you must request permission. Contact us: [email protected]

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