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Disease Update

Treating sleep apnea with pills instead of machines

The disorder has several different causes, researchers are learning. That finding opens the door for personalized therapies — and perhaps even effective drugs.

The dappled dilemma facing vitiligo science

Even as scientists celebrate progress in the lab, a stigma-busting movement asserts that those with the autoimmune skin condition are more in need of acceptance than medicine

Moving forward with cystic fibrosis

Long a paradigm of how a faulty gene can cause disease, CF is now treated by leading-edge therapies targeting specific mutations

Beating back peanut allergy, bit by bit

Once rare, sensitivity to the legume is now the most common cause of fatal allergic reactions to foods. New therapies might help.

Pathways to a cure for AIDS

Medications can control HIV, but not eliminate it. Scientists hope to one day vanquish it completely.

An invisible liver disease balloons into view

Fat buildup in the body’s filter organ can lead to scarring and worse. In step with obesity and diabetes, incidence is on the rise and a race for a cure is on.

The complex riddles of rheumatoid arthritis

Latest therapies control the inflammatory disease for many but not all. Scientists are investigating the roots of the variability and what to do about it.

Norovirus: The perfect pathogen

It’s easy to get, but difficult to study or treat. Scientists are making progress against the virus thanks to an infusion of cash and a new way of culturing it in the lab.

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