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Women’s Health

To pee or not to pee? That is a question for the bladder — and the brain

How do we sense the need to urinate? The basic urge is surprisingly complex and can go awry as we age.

The untapped potential of stem cells in menstrual blood

Long overlooked, menstrual stem cells could have important medical applications, including diagnosing endometriosis

Genes and heart disease: Finally making the link

Polygenic risk scores — a patient’s chance, based on tiny DNA variants, of developing cardiovascular disease, breast cancer and more — are coming to clinics. But there are kinks to iron out and accuracy remains an issue.

New noninvasive RNA tests could help identify at-risk pregnancies

The next wave of prenatal screening looks for fragments of RNA within the blood to flag risk of preeclampsia and preterm labor

America is failing women’s health

OPINION: Systemic inequity means women in the US die younger and suffer more than they should. It’s time for health for all.

When depression sneaks up on menopause

Fluctuating levels of estrogen during a period known as perimenopause can wreak havoc on the mental health of women in midlife. Diagnosis and treatment have been elusive despite symptoms as serious as suicidal thoughts.

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